To speak English fluently is now a demand of time. From personal to the group, from student life to corporate life, everywhere we need oral communication skills and the version must be English. So here, we are providing spoken English courses in Uttara with the best course teachers and academic support.


We have both online and offline course facilities for English spoken courses in Uttara, Dhaka. Our system has been designed on the basis of the different ages and skill levels of the students.


We have spoken English course  for the kids and the adults. Kids spoken English has been designed on their psychological level. Our kids’ teachers are qualified to teach and handle in a well-mannered way.


Our courses are also designed for adult students. We have 3 spoken English course programs in Uttara and online. 


  1. Short spoken English course for the students of age 15 to above. In this course, we are focusing on speaking fluency. We teach different methods and techniques to obtain fluency in a very short time. We have a dedicated language club with free 6 months subscriptions. To know more details, click the below link:


  1. Our contractual spoken English course in Uttara is also a great course. This course combined with Spoken English, Pronunciation & Grammar lessons may take your English proficiency to the next level. This is one of the most popular courses at TalentHut. To know more details, click the below link: 


  1. Spoken English course with One to one class & care: This course is designed with the same syllabus of Contractual Spoken. But we teach here one to one, which means, a teacher with a single student. Here you will have time flexibility. Our teacher will take classes with a single student like a private tutor. S/he will try to improve your skill with extra care. To know more details, click the below link:


If you have any queries regarding admission to the spoken English course, pls contact us.