Night Rider

I have always loved journeys better than destinations.
This time the journey was not planned,
Just made the plan over the bike.
As winter just made it through the threshold,
We started at midnight.
A lucid moon hung in the sky. The wind kept seeping through the slightest gaps.
The engine kept roaring & the thrill of the experience unknown retained warmth in my heart.
The city was adorned with colourful lights that looked like a newlywed bride.
Crossed four districts & they kept welcoming and bidding farewell. Bridges bridged the gaps between us, & speed breakers gave jolts as a soft reminder.
The cold night kept borrowing the body heat as if it were a soaker. Only warmth could be felt in our hearts, it kept beating rhythmically.
As the night progressed, sleep kept crawling back.
Had to pull up my face shield as mist assisted to keep me awake by blasting me with a frosty facial now and then.
In some places, we were the lone bikers blazing bright, zooming through the cold night like everlasting flames…
The engine kept roaring & it felt alive. When we pulled over to take a sip or a puff, vapour kept rolling out nearby the cooling engine. After warming our numb fingers through a steaming cup of tea, We switched places & kept riding. The one in the passenger seat would keep vigil, warning the other about any danger lying ahead. Another special thing about it was, We made an intercom system. It is always easier that way, going for a long ride. Constant communication save lives. Finally, the night sky turned pale & gave away its sweet spot to the sun. The eyelids were becoming heavier, Though Warmth & light eased the chilled numb fingers but provided a nice headache. At last, we reached our destination, only to fall asleep like a log. Festivities started in the evening!