About us

About us

TalentHut is an Educational and Leadership enhancing institution that provides training in various sectors.

TalentHut is providing professional English Language courses as well as career base training like as Job training, Management training, Interpersonal & Communication skill, General knowledge and Information Technology. As this is the age of globalisation and our educated young stars are fighting both the local and global job market to build up their career where language is one of the greatest barriers. So, we are trying to take part to make them skill in English Language and other professional sectors .


Our mission is to give our students proper English Language Training and building them up the way that they can lead the world keeping pace with the developed countries as well as communicate with the whole world in any accent of English.


We foresee the world where there is no barrier of work or discrimination of designation with Bangladeshi manpower where our students will lead the world one day with their powerful communication skill. We see our-self the part of that day which is not so far from us.